UPDATED 5/7/2013 
Happy Birthday to my 4th child Gavin Baylor who's 1yrs old. 
I can't begin to explain what I've been through in the last year. We had a 4th child who has some energy, we lost our foundation female, and I had 23 pups to get to great families! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I've been in the lab just waiting for the right time to show you the new legendary faces of TFBP! Before I do this, I wanted to thank y'all for all of the inquiries for my dogs, the support for what I do, and your gracious compliments that keep me motivated because of your appreciation for my hard work! I humbly thank you and apologize sincerely for the lack of updates. What you get when you buy from me is a friend who doesn't mind staying in contact with you! You get honesty, quality, good business, a priceless companion, and a show stopper where you have to answer questions about the dog everytime you take them out! You hear things like impressive! I make a great living so you don't get over charged by me for a pup or stud fees etc.. I want you to come back, tell the world about your experience, your dog, and what TFBP has done for you and the bully world. Without further adue, I bring to you Star Scream, Death Blooms Prime, and Ghost Face Bama!

star scream 1yr star scream stacked
Megatron (Comet) X Megan Fox (Kimbo) = STAR SCREAM 1yrs old (Stud Fee $750)
star scream bobble head

death blooms prime horse death blooms new prime
Megatron (Comet) X Bama (Gotti/Monster/Moo Moo) = DEATH BLOOMS PRIME
death blooms 1yr

bama 2 yrs old She was bigger than the picture specifies and truly the most loveable dog in the world and that I ever owned. I pray that I get a clone of her back. If you got something off of my Bama, you've been blessed beyond belief. Bama passed after a C-section & delivering 14 pups. Next up is THE best breeding of 2013, 
You Get More TRANSFORMERS @ a new level!!!!!
ice man 2012X rogue

wallis_s big sloppy cody s. imag0396 imag0401 imag0413 imag0439 img_5582 jason 2 daddy ragin storm
See my 2yr old play in Bama's bowl while she eats!!!! (Click the photo below)
I produce family not fighters!!
a daughters bestfriend  preslie mve1
preslie _ prime kezia mve1

 Welcome visitors and thank you for visiting my page. I am the proud owner of MVE-1, we just call him MEGATRON who is a direct son of the Legendary Comet from Xtreme Bully Pitbulls with Mr. Eddie Lor! I am a breeder that has taken my time, years in fact to study the breed, the blood, breeders, pups, shows, enthusiasts alike and the history of the American Bully! What I chose to do is take what others have done before me and improve upon it to continue & TRANSFORM the genetics into something even greater than what we know. From Temperment to thinner coats, rat tails, learning capabilities, extreme power and muscle, with real definition and not just when the dog is doing something athletic and you happen to capture the photo! I mean real muscle that is unheard of.
What I did was take Xtreme's unmatched size and combine it with the superb genetics of David McCoughs Powerline Kennels bloodline, which is known for extreme lean muscle, beautiful correct structures & the ultimate loyal companion! Now, I do have a day job of course and I make a great living for my family so I'm not a 24/7 365 breeder, and that's not to say that I don't aspire to become one. However, these dogs are my true passion and they're treated like one of the family at all times. In no way shape or form do I, or will I EVER advocate abusing this beautiful breeds genetic make up for violent purposes. 
As you tour my site, please notice the best looking & strongest female American Bully Pitbull Terrier in America, she is none other than Ali-Bama Shy Girl! We Southern folk just call her BAMA!  
Now what would this site be without the bragging? Well let's just say I put together something that no-one in the bully world has put together which is Breed Xtreme to Powerline! What did I come up with? I came up with Optimus Prime, who is one of the biggest & thickest Bully Pitbulls in the South. Optimus Prime is only 11 mo. old weighing 118lbs with a 24 1/2 in head.  What do you get when you purchase a pup from me, you get the truth! I did all the studying for you so you won't have to. I can tell you what to feed them, excercise regiments, house training tips that really work! Don't stay up all night falling asleep at the computer studying every site & reading up! I've done it for you.  My name is Rashaan Fitch, I AM...
tfbp logo

prime vs. hammer
Optimus Prime 8mo. & MC Hammer
in Houston, TX
8 mo. 100lbs.
prime drop it low
ladies love prime



prime 9 mo.
Optimus Prime is an 9 mo. old puppy!!! TFBP Baby!!!!!
op vs. impala
prime trike 2



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